Chaines Dance Studio

Dance studio hire

Our brand new professional dance studio with mirrors is available for hire. Our bright and spacious venue is ideal for trainiing courses, photography, rehearsals and classes. All teachers, instructors, dance crews and fitness enthusiasts are welcome.

The studio has got an inviting reception/lounge area, changing room, bathroom and storage.


Studio size is approximately 7 by 14 meters (23 by 46 feet).


Chaînes dance & fitness studio is situated on 171 Belgrave Gate Leicester. Location has a great access form all major routes and short walk from St Margaret's bus station. Entrance is from the main road with easy access for wheelchair users and mums with prams. Studio is situated 3 minutes walk from Clock Tower and 5 minutes walk from the Belgrave area. 


On-street parking is available around the building as well as on the number of small streets surrounding the venue. Additional single yellow line parking around building is available after 6.00pm. Street parking cost £1 for 2 hours and is free after 6.00 pm.

Closest long stay car park is available:

1. Garden street (open air car park).

2. Mansfield street (open air car park).

3. NCP with entrance from Garden street (indoor car park).

4. Haymarket shopping centre with entrance from Belgrave Gate (indoor car park).

Cost of Hire:

Standard chargeable rate is £20/hour

Rate can be discounted down to £10.00/hour depending on number of hours booked.


Party Venue Hire

Think atmosphere... 

You will feel special from the moment you enter the door. Perfect for Mehndi nights, Hen parties, Birthday celebrations and private events. CALL US 07704334121 to check availability and to discuss the options.

Our beautiful fresh spacious venue is fully equipped with professional sound system. 
Atmospheric disco and mood changing lights, themed setting, decorations and entertainment are all available at an extra cost.

You are welcome to bring your own refreshments, drinks and snacks.


Venue only: £30/hour (minimum charge £100)

Disco lights: £40

Ceiling drapes: £60

Seating and decore: £80

Full package (5 hours of venue hire and decor): from £280 (save £50)

Professional dance show: £60 - £350

Optional Extras:

Ceiling drapes, Seating and decor, Professional costume hire, Entertainment, Dancers, Dance tuition and more...


Terms & Condition - Studio hire


1.1 The Dance studio provides the facility to the Hirer at the strict understanding that the facilities are treated with respect and used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this contract.

All activities shall be restricted to private and social events.

The Dance studio reserves the right to remove/cancel bookings or terminate the whole contract at short notice if it is deemed necessary.

1.2 No public meeting or events shall be held by the Hirer at the facility.

The facility shall not be hired to the following organisations: The National Front, The New National Front, The British Constitutional Movement, The British Movement, The League of St George, Column 88, The British National Party, and any organisation which has racist aims or radical religious or political views.

The Dance studio may cancel any hiring if in its opinion the organisation or party for which the facilities are hired has racist policies, radical religious or political views, regardless of the stated reason for hiring the facility. In such event neither the Dance studio or Andrea Ruttkayova shall incur no liability to the Hirer whatsoever, other than to return any hiring fee paid by the Hirer in respect of such cancelled booking.

1.3 Special conditions may be applicable to the hiring of the Dance studio for specific events. 

1.4 STUDIO SUPERVISOR: Dance studio supervisor will be present at the commencement and ending of the booking to unlock and lock the premises, check for the studio condition, cleanliness and any reports of the incidents or accidents. Dance studio supervisor can be present at the premises throughout the booking if required and agreed prior to booking commencement. This excludes the low cost booking (fees lower than the 80% from original price) and long duration bookings (longer than 60 minutes). Should you require any assistance call 07704334121 or the number agreed at the time of the booking commencement. The Dance studio supervisor must have an access to all the areas and facilities of the Dance studio at all times.



2.1 The Hirer will indemnify the Dance studio and Andrea Ruttkayova against the consequences of any unauthorised performance of copyright work during the period of hire of the Dance studio facilities and to complete the returns required by the Performing rights society, Phonographic performance limited, The copyrights licensing agency limited and all other similar bodies.

2.2 The Hirer will pay the hiring fee or any balance as agreed at the time of the booking. If payment is not made by the due date or if any of the conditions of the contract are not complied with then the Dance studio reserves the right to cancel the booking.

2.3 During the period of hiring, the Hirer shall be held responsible for all the damages, losses, claims and costs arising out of the use of the premises and shall indemnify the Dance studio (Andrea Ruttkayova) from and against any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings including claims for personal injury to, or the death of any person whatsoever, whether arising under any Statute or Common Law or out of the course of or caused as a result of the hiring.

2.4 The Hirer will comply in full with the following conditions:

a) No preparation to be applied to the floor/walls without prior agreement of the Dance studio.

b) Intoxicants shall be not brought onto the premises.

c) The Hirer will comply with the terms of the Public entertainment licence conditions applicable to the premises or hiring where there is to be any sports, dancing, music or entertainment of a like kind.

d) There must be not interference with the Dance studio equipment unless agreed at the time of the booking and with appropriate training.

e) There must be not interference with the Dance studio heating equipment.

f) The facility must be vacant at the end of the hiring time.

g) No smoking is permitted on the premises.

h) No alcohol is permitted on the premises.

i) No fireworks or explosive devices permitted on the premises.

j) No weapons of any kind permitted on the premises.

2.5 CANCELLATION: 7 days notice period is required if the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking. If the Hirer cancels the booking for any of the dates with less than 7 days notice, then the Dance studio is be entitled to full payment agreed.

2.6 NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: The number of participants must not exceed the authorised limit.

2.7 RESPONSIBILITY: The Hirer must be aged 18 or over. The Hirer is responsible for conduct of people using the Dance studio who are part of the Hirer's group. This includes damage, accidental or otherwise, to the Dance studio facility, building, fixtures, fittings, furniture, windows, doors, toilets, equipment, etc. All damages caused by Hirer's party must be paid in full by the Hirer.

The Hirer is expected to inform all of its members, visitors, supporters and other persons using the facility of the Terms and Conditions of hire.

2.8 SECURITY AND KEYS TO THE PREMISES: Hirer who agreed to manage the set of keys to the premises will be responsible for the security of all the areas including the reception/lounge during the booking. Dance studio premises must be locked at all times. Hirer is responsible for all the damages and losses caused by leaving the area unlocked. Hirer who is allocated a set of keys to premises will only use the studio strictly during the period of booked hours stated below and is not allowed an access to the premises outside of these hours.

2.9 NOISE: The Hire is responsible for the levels of noise generated inside and outside of the premises during the period of hire. It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that:

a) Music is not too load as to create a nuisance.

b) When ask to do so, the volume is turned down immediately.

c) Participants leave the premises quietly.

Failure to comply could lead to prosecution. Police will be contacted if these rules are not adhered to.

2.10 FIRST AID: It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that the suitable first aiders are present during the period of hire. In event of any accident or injury, please report the matter to the Dance studio supervisor.

2.11 CRB CHECK: All Hirers who provide activities for young persons or vulnerable adults, should ensure that the adequate safeguarding and procedures are in place.

2.12 TIME KEEPING: Lettings will start no earlier, and end no later, than the pre-booked time. Any sessions which run excessively overtime will be charged at additional cost.

2.13 STUDIO CONDITION AFTER USE: All facilities hired will be left in an appropriate condition that they may be used by the next hirer without further need of cleaning, removal of equipment, furniture etc.

2.14 DAMAGE, ACCIDENT, INCIDENT: Any damage caused to the facility or equipment, any accident or incident must be reported immediately to the Dance studio supervisor. Hirer is responsible in full for any damages to the facility and equipment. All damages caused by Hirer's party must be paid in full by the Hirer immediately if the value is lower than £1000. Should the damage be of greater value than £1000, £1000 must be paid immediately and remaining amount within 7 days of the incident.

2.15 FIRE ALARM/BOMB ALERT PROCEDURES: The Hirer will be informed about these procedures and is expected to inform all persons in the Hirer's party about these procedures.

2.16 INSURANCE: The Hirer is required to arrange their own insurance cover and public liability cover for personal accident and loss of or damage to equipment. Neither Andrea Ruttkayova nor the Dance studio can accept liability for loss or damage to personal property whilst on site. We will require the copy of the policy to complete the booking.

2.17 MUSIC: It is a responsibility of the Hirer to take out the PRS/PPL music licence if sound recordings are to be used.

2.18 INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR: Any person, group or society may be asked to leave the Dance studio if it is felt that they are disturbing or disrupting other users, the public or adjoining occupiers. Bullying, inappropriate, offensive or aggressive behaviour will be not tolerated. The Dance studio and dance studio supervisor reserve the right to remove immediately any person behaving in such a way and cancel booking immediately or terminate the whole contract if it is deemed necessary.


3.1 DEPOSIT of £100 is payable prior to use at time of booking. Deposit is chargeable to cover the cost of damage caused by the Hirer and their party, missing items and late cancellation. Deposit is refundable after the studio is checked for damages or missing items.

3.2 All fees must be paid prior to use at time of the booking. Dance studio charges are set and are subject to change.


3.3 Dance studio can agree to a discounted rate at some occasions. Discounted rate can be chargeable initially for short period of time, can be reviewed and is subject to change.

Chaines is a brand new professional dance studio based in Leicester is now available to hire for rehearsals, dance classes, fitness classes, workshops, auditions, photo-shoots, parties and other functions during the week and weekends.

Chaines studio has welcoming reception/lounge area, changing room and storage space. Dance studio features a smooth laminate floor, mirrored wall, PA systems and yoga mats. Cordless microphones are available for hire at an extra cost.

Chaines dance company provides custom made Hen parties in more than 22 different dance styles and themes including pop divas, famous movies and musicals. You can hold your Mehndi night, birthday party and other celebrations at our specious beautiful venue. Themed, set up, private workshop and entertainment is available at extra cost.

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